Create, Track, and Ship FedEx Shipments in Outlook

If you do a lot of shipping via FedEx than you may want to try this little free Outlook Add-on toolbar that lets you Create, Ship, Track, Pickup etc. shipments from inside Outlook.



  • FedEx allows you to go directly to fedex.com.
  • Ship allows you to create a new FedEx® U.S. shipment.
  • Track allows you to track the status of an existing FedEx shipment.
  • Rate allows you to check shipping rates for a FedEx U.S. shipment.
  • Pickup allows you to schedule a FedEx pickup.
  • Find Locations allows you to find staffed FedEx locations.
  • View History allows you to access shipment and pickup history.
  • Edit Settings allows you to change your FedEx QuickShip settings


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